Grounded Looks To Have Enjoyed A Very Successful Launch Day

Obsidian's Grounded officially launched into Early Access on Xbox One and PC yesterday, and even though the full game doesn't properly release until 2021, it's already got off to a fantastic start.

At one point yesterday, it was actually the second most popular game on livestream platform Twitch, racking up over 250k consecutive viewers - that actually put it above League of Legends for a time!

It's also made its way into the Steam best sellers list, with SteamDB suggesting it currently has an all-time peak of 12,543 players on the service, with many more likely to have been playing with Xbox Game Pass for PC.

And of course, the game was also made available via Xbox Game Pass for console yesterday, so we're assuming many thousands of players have been playing Grounded via Xbox One as well. That's what we call a big launch day!

Have you been playing Grounded? Let us know how you're getting on with it in the comments.

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