Xbox Lockhart Spotted Again In Official Dev Documentation

The Xbox Lockhart - Microsoft's highly-rumoured, lower-spec next-gen console - has been spotted again in official documentation by a security researcher and Windows reverse engineer.

Taking to Twitter, TitleOS shared mention of Lockhart in the June 2020 release notes for the Microsoft Game Development Kit, referencing something called "LockhartProfiling mode":

While this latest discovery continues to allude to Lockhart's existence, we're still don't know much about the system itself. Rumours have suggested it will be a "4 teraflop entry-point" into next-gen gaming with "all the tech stuff that will define the next-generation," but until Microsoft announces it officially, we can't be sure.

That said, Windows Central is reporting that some developers are already targeting the Lockhart profile with their games, so it hopefully won't be too long until it gets a proper reveal.

Do you think Xbox Lockhart will be revealed soon? Share your predictions below.

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