Listen, we know we're biased towards Xbox here... but who doesn't love a bit of Mario Strikers Charged on the Nintendo Wii? It's a great arcade soccer game from the mid-2000s, and now indie developer Team Serpico is using it as inspiration for its upcoming Xbox Series X title Offside Legends.

The game, which will include teams based on characters such as King Arthur, Sherlock Holmes and others, is described as a fast-paced, fantasy-themed soccer-party tittle. Its official Kickstarter campaign begins tomorrow, June 18, in order to help cover the costs related to its production and development.

Here's what Team Serpico dev Dmitry Minsky had to say about the game in a press release:

“The main reference for Offside Legends is Mario Strikers Charged... Some mechanics are being reinvented and some are being outright created from scratch - but we always keep in mind that the game should be fun, light-hearted and thrilling”.

If you want to try out an early build for yourself, you can download it now on PC. The full game will be released for next-gen consoles (including Xbox Series X) and Nintendo Switch in 2021.

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