If you've been browsing next week's list of new Xbox One releases particularly closely, you might have noticed that indie title The Last Scape (May 29) will feature Xbox Smart Delivery support, allowing you to play the next-gen version at no extra cost when it's eventually released on Xbox Series X.

The obviously confirms the game as an Xbox Series X title, but it's also one of the few current Xbox One games to have advertised support for the feature this early. It boasts Xbox One X Enhanced benefits too, such as higher resolution, higher sky cloud quality, higher draw distances and more.

The Last Scape is ultimately a budget title (£4.99/$5.99), so it's worth keeping expectations in check. That said, we're pretty intrigued by its trailer! According to the game's description, you'll "glide through a vast, open-world, alpine scape in the search of an answer as to why this is your only memory."

For the first time ever in a game, LIDAR laser scan data is used in its raw point cloud form, rendering millions of points in real-time from a dataset of more than one billion 3D points that accurately depict the real world.

We've added this one to our growing Smart Delivery list! Interested in The Last Scape? Let us know below.

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