There's A New Doctor Who Game In Development For Xbox
Image: Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time

Developer Maze Theory has revealed it'll be bringing a new Doctor Who game to Xbox in 2021. The company made the announcement in a news update on its website, noting that the game will be coming "early next year," and later confirming to GamesRadar that it'll be "next-gen compatible" and playable on Xbox One as well.

The company previously released VR title Doctor Who: The Edge of Time back in 2019, which featured Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker. No information has been given as to whether she'll be returning for the upcoming title, but Maze Theory did tease that you'll be able to "collude with the Doctor herself."

Fans can expect new adventures, new game mechanics, intriguing subplots and iconic features such as the TARDIS, terrifying Weeping Angels, imposing Daleks and – of course - the chance to collude with the Doctor herself.

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