The Release Of GTA 6 Is Still 'Years Away', Claims Insider

Back in the middle of April, a report from noted industry insider Jason Schreier came out suggesting a new Grand Theft Auto game was developer Rockstar's "next big project," but was still early in development. Now, Schreier has elaborated more, telling a fan that the game is "years away."

He made the comment in response to someone who suggested there was "no way" GTA 6 could still be in early development. But again, Schreier reiterated that it's definitely some way off:

In a follow-up, someone asked Schreier how many years it could be. The reporter indicated that he wasn't sure, suggesting that there's probably "some vague window in mind," but the coronavirus pandemic could easily factor into it. Either way, it looks like it'll be a while before we finally see GTA 6 on Xbox Series X.

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