New Report Suggests GTA 6 Is Still Early In Development

Kotaku posted a report on the cultural changes made at Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar Games earlier today, noting that the company has been working hard to reduce crunch. In that same report, it's noted that Rockstar's next game will be a new entry in the GTA series.

It mentions that one of the plans Rockstar has to reduce overworking and stress with the next Grand Theft Auto game (not referred to, but presumed to be GTA VI), is to "start out with a moderately sized release", which the report suggests would still be a large game by Rockstar's standards. The game would then expand over time with regular updates.

And finally, for those who were holding out hope the game would be released in the near future, the report also states that Rockstar's "next big project" is still early in development. No further details are teased, although author Jason Schreier also explained on Twitter that the next GTA is "still a ways away."

When do you think Grand Theft Auto VI will finally be released? Give us your predictions in the comments.

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