Sea of Thieves' latest free update is called Lost Treasures, and it's available now for Xbox One and PC (including Xbox Game Pass). The patch includes various new features including Daily Bounties, Tall Tales improvements and more.

Daily Bounties now act as mini-objectives for you to complete every day, and range from handing in specific types of treasure to disposing of enemy mobs with a particular flourish. Additionally, various weekly and one-off events will also be incorporated as part of the update.

As for the narrative-driven Tall Tales, they can now be played at any time, and are also easier to find due to new tooltips on the map showing you how and where to begin. Additionally, new checkpoints mean you no longer have to worry about starting from scratch if you can't finish a Tall Tale in one go.

If you want to check out the full patch notes for yourself, you'll find them over at the official Sea of Thieves website.

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