Saber Interactive CEO Reveals Its Swarm Engine Runs "Amazing" On Next-Gen

Saber Interactive founder and CEO Matthew Karch was recently interviewed by website Wccftech, and gave his thoughts on both the Xbox Series X and PS5.

Talking about World War Z and its ability to support up to 1000 zombies on screen at once via its Swarm Engine, Karch revealed that figure could be "a lot bigger" for a game designed from the ground up on next-gen hardware:

"Running the Swarm Engine on next-gen hardware is amazing. The things we can do with the new systems will have a material impact on the experience. I would love to talk about what we have already been able to do on the new consoles, but it’s too soon."

As for the features he's most excited to see come to the next-generation of consoles, Karch pointed to the likes of backwards compatibility and crossplay, as well as the obviously increased hardware power:

"We know fans have invested a lot of money in their game catalogs, and to continue playing their favorite games along with new titles is exciting. We are also big fans of the social initiatives of both platforms, and how easy gamers will be able to interact with their games on not only the console but other platforms as well. And lastly, the power of the hardware. We, as developers, love more power in our systems when developing games!"

What do you make of Karch's comments on Xbox Series X and PS5? Give us your thoughts down below.