Steve Downes Confirms Halo Fans Raised $38k For Project C.U.R.E In April

You might recall that we ran a story at the beginning of April about how Master Chief voice actor Steve Downes was donating all proceeds from his Cameo shout outs in April to Project C.U.R.E, which is a US-based organisation currently working to help fight COVID-19.

Yesterday, Downes took to Twitter to provide an update, revealing that Halo fans had raised a massive total of over $38,000 for the charity throughout the month of April:

As part of the update, Downes shared more information about how Project C.U.R.E has been working to help fight the coronavirus in recent weeks, revealing that over two million masks, gloves and gowns have been purchased, and indicating that this is the proudest he's ever been to be a part of the Halo community:

"I talked to Douglas Jackson yesterday who is the CEO [of Project C.U.R.E], and he said during this past month, Project C.U.R.E was able to purchase and distribute over two million masks, gloves and gowns, which equates to about ten semi-trailers full of much-needed gear to help fight COVID-19. I have never been more proud to be part of the Halo community than I am right now. Thanks to everyone who requested a Cameo during the month of April."

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