Here's When Microsoft Dungeons Goes Live On Xbox One Tomorrow

Minecraft Dungeons is undoubtedly one of the most highly-anticipated releases of the month, and it officially drops on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC tomorrow, May 26th. The game will also be included with Xbox Game Pass, so subscribers will be able to play it at no extra charge.

But when exactly does it go live on the Microsoft Store? Here are a bunch of official release times (thanks Windows Central) for various regions across the world:

  • 1AM PDT
  • 4AM EDT
  • 9AM BST
  • 10AM CEST
  • 5PM JST
  • 6PM AEST

If you're eagerly anticipating tomorrow's release and want to start playing as soon as possible, you can pre-install Minecraft Dungeons right now via the Microsoft Store. Simply pre-order the game or download it via the Xbox Game Pass library, and you'll be all ready to go (it's a 2.69GB download).

Looking forward to playing Minecraft Dungeons tomorrow? Let us know if you'll be playing it in the comments.