Update (Mon 4th May, 2020 17:30 BST): That was quick! The update is reportedly available right now, and is 1gb in size.

Original story: Star Wars Day keeps getting better and better! EA and Respawn Entertainment has announced that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is getting a major free update today, including new modes, cosmetics and more, as well as a bunch of bug fixes, accessibility tweaks and other goodies.

Let's start with those new modes. They're both part of Meditation Training, with the first (Combat Challenges) pitting Cal against waves of enemies in different locations, while Battle Grid is a sandbox that allows you to create your own battles and get creative with enemies and locations.

EA is suggesting these modes will only be available in something called New Journey +, which is another new feature exclusively for those who have completed the game already. It allows you to keep all previous collectibles during a second playthrough, and also features an Inquisitor Uniform appearance for Cal, two new lightsaber sets and the iconic red kyber crystal.

We're not sure when this update is scheduled to drop, so we'll let you know when we hear more.

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