Xbox Boss Explains Why There Was Never A Sunset Overdrive 2

In another tidbit from IGN's interview with Phil Spencer, the Xbox Head commented on why cult-classic Sunset Overdrive never received a sequel prior to developer Insomniac Games being acquired by Sony. His answer revolved around the difficulty of launching in the early days of Xbox One:

"I think there are some really good games that shipped on Xbox One that, at the time, didn't find their right place in kind of gaming lore, because they got caught up in a lot of the noise around the platform...and some of the questions that people had. And, you know, I don't love that. I think a lot about that as we go forward. I think Sunset Overdrive is a great game and people should go play it."

In a follow-up, Spencer brought Ryse: Son of Rome into the conversation. Ryse was a launch title for Xbox One back in November 2013, renowned for its graphical quality, and Spencer showed his appreciation for the game, later noting how important backwards compatibility can prove for games that find their audience over time:

"I thought Ryse as a launch game for Xbox One was a beautiful a launch game to show off the graphical fidelity of the console, I thought the Crytek team did an incredible job, and some of those games did get caught up in some of the noise around our platform..."

"And it's cool to see as time's gone by, and I think a lot of platforms do this, where people will go back and they'll identify things that maybe at the time felt noisy, but then after all that noise dies down they're remembered for being really great games, and that's why our back compat program is so important to us, because there are games where they actually find their audience later, for many different reasons."

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