Just a few weeks after the launch of DOOM Eternal on Xbox One and multiple other platforms, the third entry in id Software's hellish series is now celebrating 15 years since its release on the original Xbox hardware. To be more precise, this game first graced Microsoft's home console on 3rd April 2005.

Whether you like it or not, DOOM 3 is easily the scariest game of the entire series – with jump scares and plenty of nasty surprises around every corner. Despite the positive reception back in the day, fans and critics alike seemingly prefer the newer style of games, which are considered to be a return to form and arguably do a better job channeling the spirit of the originals.

If you're at all eager to relive DOOM 3, you can always pick up a digital copy from the Microsoft Store and play it on your Xbox One. Do you remember playing this particular entry on the original Xbox? Let us know in the comments.

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