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Heard about Xbox Game Pass and wondering what all the fuss is about? We're biased, but it's arguably the best subscription service in all of gaming right now, offering hundreds of quality titles at a low monthly cost. You should find all the information you need to know about Xbox Game Pass in this article, but if there's anything you're unsure of, ask us in the comments and we'll add to it to the list.

What Is Xbox Game Pass?

Xbox Game Pass for console is a subscription service that allows you to get access to a wide variety of games on Xbox One. These games can be installed and played while you have a current subscription.

What Is Xbox Game Pass For PC?

Xbox Game Pass for PC is a relatively new service that allows you to get access to a wide variety of games via the Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta) app. Again, these games can be installed and played while you have a current subscription.

What Is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes Xbox Game Pass for both console and PC, allowing multi-format players to take advantage of every Game Pass game. It also includes Xbox Live Gold as standard, allowing you to play online with others and benefit from special deals.

How Much Does Xbox Game Pass Cost?

You can buy Xbox Game Pass from a wide variety of retailers, and prices vary. You can also purchase various lengths of subscription. At the Microsoft Store, the current (monthly) prices are as follows:

Package GB Price (Monthly) EU Price (Monthly) US Price (Monthly) Introductory Price (First Month)
Xbox Game Pass for Console £7.99 €9.99 $9.99 N/A
Xbox Game Pass for PC £7.99 €9.99 $9.99 £3.99/€3.99/$4.99
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate £10.99 €12.99 $14.99 £1/€1/$1/

Are There Any Special Deals Available For Xbox Game Pass?

Yes! Well, sometimes. Along with the aforementioned introductory prices for Xbox Game Pass PC & Ultimate subscribers, select retailers (such as Amazon) occasionally run additional low-cost promos for newcomers to the service. Back in December 2019, for example, Amazon UK offered three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (for new subscribers) for £15.99.

Additionally, Microsoft sometimes run deals on the Xbox One dashboard for Game Pass. These are typically Gamertag specific, so they won't work for everyone, but past deals have included three months of Game Pass Ultimate for £1/$1, and similar offers have applied to Xbox Game Pass for console as well.

Can I Convert A Standard Xbox Game Pass Subscription To Ultimate?

Yes! And it's actually really good value for money. By joining Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (which you can currently do for £1/€1/$1), you'll be asked if you want to convert the remainder of your current Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass subscriptions. By doing this, you'll add the equivalent amount of time onto your Ultimate subscription (up to 36 months).

It's worth topping up your Gold or Game Pass subs ahead of time, as after you've joined Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the following ratios will apply for subsequent top-ups:

Xbox Live Gold Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Conversion Times Xbox Game Pass For Console Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Conversion Times
1 Month 20 days 1 Month 20 days
3 Months 50 days 3 Months 2 months
6 Months 79 days 6 Months 4 months
12 Months 4 months 12 Months 5 months
24 Months 8 months 24 Months 10 months

Which Games Are Available For Xbox Game Pass?

There are currently hundreds of games available for Xbox Game Pass, spanning a wide range of genres. Some games are included for both console and PC, while others are exclusives for a particular service. Additionally, Xbox One owners get the benefit of various backwards compatible games for Xbox 360 and the original Xbox.

You'll find a full list of current Xbox Game Pass games (including recent additions) in our guide.

What are Xbox Game Pass Quests?

Xbox Game Pass Quests are a perk of being subscribed to Xbox Game Pass that allow you to embark on specific objectives to earn Microsoft Rewards points. These points can then be redeemed for gift cards (including Xbox), competition entries and charity donations.

These Quests are all based around Game Pass, and typically see you performing tasks such as earning achievements in Xbox Game Pass games, exploring the games catalogue and even just logging into the app. The system is closely linked with Microsoft Rewards, which allows you to earn additional points through Xbox, PC and mobile, primarily through Bing searches.

You'll find a full list of the latest Xbox Game Pass Quests here.

Is There A Mobile App For Xbox Game Pass?

Yes! The Xbox Game Pass App is available for both Android and iOS, allowing you to install games remotely, browse the catalogue and monitor your Xbox Game Pass Quests. You can toggle between console and PC depending on your chosen package as well.

Additionally, you can complete an Xbox Game Pass Quest by logging into the app daily. Not only do you get points for doing this, but you build towards the lucrative "Quest Completionist" reward in the process.

Is DLC Included As Part Of Xbox Game Pass?

It depends. Some editions of games included with Xbox Game Pass come bundled with DLC, such as the State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition, while others require you to purchase it separately. In general, most games don't come with DLC via Game Pass, but it entirely depends on the game.

How Do You Cancel Xbox Game Pass?

You can't actually cancel Xbox Game Pass from your console anymore. Here's how to do it on

  • Head to this link
  • Navigate to Services & Subscriptions
  • Click 'Manage' next to Xbox Game Pass
  • Click 'Cancel' to end your subscription

It's worth noting that if you turn on recurring billing when signing up for Xbox Game Pass, you'll sometimes be rewarded with an extra month of your subscription. We obviously recommend taking it, but if you ultimately want to cancel, remember to come back before the end of the month to avoid being charged.

Do you agree with us that Xbox Game Pass is the best subscription service in gaming right now? Tell us your thoughts and ask any questions in the comments below.