Green Man Gaming has announced (thanks Windows Central) that it's now selling Xbox One games via its online store. The selection is limited to select European countries at present, and all the currently available games are Xbox Play Anywhere titles, with the company confirming it's "working to bring you even more Xbox games."

For now, the discounts are fairly limited (at least in the UK), with all games currently on offer for 5% off. That said, there are still some worthy deals you can take advantage of, including Resident Evil 7 for £15.19, Cuphead for £15.90 and Crackdown 3 for £18.99.

The retailer also advises that not all European countries has access to these deals. It says country restrictions apply, so if you head to the website and you can't see any deals, that's probably why. Are you happy to see digital games appear at Green Man Gaming? Let us know in the comments.

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