SCUF Infinity1 Controller

With Microsoft announcing their very own official Xbox One controller for the more hardcore or "pro" player last week, many thought that controller modification experts SCUF would be in trouble on the platform, given that their bread and butter is the pro gamer market.

However, as if to combat the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller announcement, SCUF have announced their own new controller - Infinity1 - which will include many of the same features as Microsoft's own attempt.

Infinity1 will allow players to switch out thumbsticks, which are seated in new customisable Infinity1 rings, which use high grade self-lubricating materials to improve feel and reduce wear. An interchangeable paddle system allows for up to 4 paddles to be attached to the back of the controller. New Infinity1 Pro Edition Switches are used to increase haptic feeedback and actuation life, while the triggers can be locked in a number of positions using a key.

The paddles can be remapped to any face button, which is a little short of what Microsoft's controller will do in terms of remapping, but there you go.

We're waiting on final pricing details for all of the bells and whistles, but SCUF say that the Infinity1 controller will launch in Q3 and will start at $119.99.

Given that extras - paddles, elongated sticks, etc - for the company's SCUF One controller can add considerable cost, we'd be surprised to see the total package come in at under Microsoft's $149.99 price, but we'll bring you the full info when SCUF makes it available.