Dodge the balls - for fitness!

Major Nelson has confirmed that a demo of Microsoft's Nike+ Kinect Training is now available from Xbox Live. Those without Xbox Live Gold will be able to pick it up from the 18th.

The new fitness product is designed for "the elite or the everyday athlete" and promises to deliver personalized workout programs that match themselves to the level of fitness of the player. The 1.55GB demo gives you a taster of what's to come when the full game is released on 30th October in the US, and a few days later on 2nd November in the UK and Europe. Be warned though, as the demo advises that you need a clear 8ft of space in front of your TV in order for it to work properly. That's usually the case anyway with Kinect games, but when a product specifically states it outright, you can be sure that you won't be able to cut corners.

We'll bring you a full review just as soon as we've found our sweatbands and trainers.