Shake that thang!

Good news for Zumba fans today, as 505 Games has confirmed that - as expected - they've picked up the European publishing rights for Majesco's Zumba Fitness Core.

Core will the third Kinect-based Zumba title to hit the shelves, following the lacklustre Zumba Fitness: Join The Party! and Zumba Fitness Rush. Despite not being technical marvels, both titles have shifted a fair few units, with last year's Rush troubling the top ten sales charts here in the UK for most of the first half of 2012.

Zumba Fitness Core will provide 40 music tracks to workout to, with all 23 of the USA edition's licensed tunes making it to our shores.

505 Games has also confirmed that the game will be released in November 2012, but wouldn't pin it down to a specific date just yet. A new trailer showing off some of the new gameplay enhancements has been released too, and we've grabbed that and posted it below for your viewing pleasure.