Twelve Minutes: How To Prove The Day Is Restarting

So, you're stuck on Twelve Minutes with Xbox Game Pass and you're trying to convince your wife that the day is restarting. The only problem? She doesn't believe you. Fortunately, there is a way to prove it to her.

How To Prove The Day Is Restarting In Twelve Minutes

There are a couple of ways we were able to prove this, although your experience could differ slightly. First, we started off by telling her about the location of her pocket watch, which we had discovered earlier in the game. If you need help locating this, we've prepared a guide about how to find the pocket watch elsewhere on Pure Xbox.

That won't be enough to convince her though, so what you'll want to do is show her the present she has hidden away for you in her drawer. It contains baby clothes, and assuming you've already had a conversation about her pregnancy over dessert in a previous loop, she'll be convinced that you're telling the truth about the day constantly restarting.

You won't need to do this every single time from now on, as a new dialog option will open up in future loops.

We don't want to spoil anything else for you in this article, as this should open up more possibilities for you moving forward. If you do need extra help though, we've prepared a few more Twelve Minutes guides elsewhere on Pure Xbox.

We hope you find this Twelve Minutes guide useful while playing on Xbox Game Pass for console or PC!