Twelve Minutes: How To Prove Your Wife Is Innocent To The Cop

So, you're stuck on Twelve Minutes with Xbox Game Pass and you're trying to convince the 'cop' that your wife is innocent in regards to her father's murder, but he's asking for proof and you don't have it. What do you do?!

How To Prove Your Wife Is Innocent In Twelve Minutes

We're going to assume that in order to get this spot, you've used a combination of the broken switch in the bedroom (press it twice), sleeping pills and water on your wife, and hiding in the closet to get to a scenario where the 'cop' is lying unconscious on the floor in the bedroom, and your wife is also lying unconscious on the bed.

If you take the revolver and attack the cop with it, you'll get a chance to ask various questions to him about the murder (you need to ask all of them!), including a few where you'll protest your wife's innocence but he'll tell you to prove it.

The way you prove it is with the polaroid on the fridge, although you'll first need to prove it to your wife, which requires talking extensively to her about her past (including the murder of her father). If your wife still doesn't acknowledge the polaroid as proof after your conversations, try just looking at it and then pressing on the picture so that your character says the words: "Eight years ago... wait?". Then, go over to your wife and show her it again.

As long as you've explored as many dialog options as possible about the murder with both the cop and your wife previously, this should do the trick. Then, you'll need to talk to Bumblebee in order to get the cop to listen to your proof.

(All of this might take some trial-and-error! We had to do a few loops.)

How To Get Bumblebee To Talk To You In Twelve Minutes

You probably know this by now, but the cop has a phone featuring various texts from someone called Bumblebee. You'll need to look through all the texts (revealing her illness) and then try and call her, which won't work. When the loop restarts, you'll have the ability to call Bumblebee on your wife's phone in the closet, but she'll just ignore you.

However, after you've talked to your wife and convinced her that the polaroid proves her innocence (as detailed above), you'll be able to call Bumblebee and tell her about it, during which she'll promise to call her dad (the cop).

We don't want to spoil anything else for you in this article, as this will open up a major new path moving forward. If you do need extra help though, we've prepared a few more Twelve Minutes guides elsewhere on Pure Xbox.

We hope you find this Twelve Minutes guide useful while playing on Xbox Game Pass for console or PC!