Stray Release Date, Release Times And Download Size On Xbox

Stray's Xbox release is almost here... at last! After a long wait for its PlayStation exclusivity period to end, this furry feline adventure is right around the corner. So, ahead of launch, we've put together a handy little guide for everything Stray on Xbox.

Stray Xbox Release Date

Stray officially launches for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on August 10th! The Xbox version arrives just over a year after the PlayStation & PC release in July 2022.

Stray Xbox Release Time

The Stray release time on Xbox is 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm BST on the day of launch - August 10th.

Stray Download Size Xbox Series X

Stray won't take up too much space on your Xbox Series X|S SSD, thankfully!

The game clocks in at roughly 7.6GB on Xbox Series X.

Is Stray On Xbox Game Pass?

At least at launch, Stray is not available on Xbox Game Pass. Hopefully it joins the service in the future!

Stray Xbox Price

Stray's Xbox launch comes with a lovely pre-order discount, which is definitely worth taking advantage of if you plan on picking the game up around release. Hurry though, you don't have long to get 20% off on day one - all the details on that are down below. When the discount is over, Stray will be available for £24.99 / $29.99 on the Xbox Store.

We hope you enjoy your time with Stray on Xbox!

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  3. Maybe, I'm not sure yet11%
  4. I doubt it, but you never know4%
  5. Not interested to be honest!5%