Scorn Release Date & Release Times On Xbox Game Pass

Scorn is almost here for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, and ahead of the game's October 14th launch, the team has detailed exactly when you can go hands on with its weird and wonderful adventure. Just a few days to go!

Scorn Release Date

Scorn's release date is October 14th, and that's across Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC and Xbox Cloud Gaming. If you're playing via Xbox Game Pass, it's the same date, as the game is arriving on the service on day one. For those who want to try Scorn on Xbox One, the only way is to play through Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Scorn Release Times

So, when is the exact moment you can start going hands on with Scorn? The development team has now revealed the global Scorn release times, so here's when you can start playing on Game Pass:

October 14th:

  • 3am PDT
  • 6am EDT
  • 11am BST
  • 12pm CEST
  • 9pm AEDT

If you're thinking of playing Scorn straight away in your region, there's good news on the preparation front. Developer Ebb Software confirmed yesterday that the game is now ready to pre-install, including on Xbox Game Pass, and it has a fairly small install size to boot!

Scorn has been in development for some time at this stage, probably longer than the team ever expected, so it's great to see this one finally land with an Xbox Game Pass launch.

Will you be playing Scorn as soon as it becomes available? Come let us know in the comments.