Scorn Xbox Series X

We've been looking forward to playing Scorn for some time here at Pure Xbox, and the fact that it launches day one on Game Pass is icing on the cake! Well, that (disgusting) cake is about ready to come out of the oven, as the game is now available to pre-install.

Over on Xbox Series X, we're looking at an 18GB download - there or there abouts. This is considerably less than we expected to be honest, especially with the size of next-gen games these days!

Recently, the horror-puzzle-shooter had its release date brought forward by a week, moving it up to October 14th. An earlier release date is typically a good sign, so let's hope this one delivers on Xbox Series X and S when it arrives in just a few days' time!

Will you be installing Scorn right away? Do let us know down in the comments below.