lies of p moonstones guide
Image: Pure Xbox

If you want to upgrade your weapons in Lies of P, you're going to need plenty of Ergo and plenty of various types of Moonstone.

Moonstones can be found in and around the world, so make sure to search every corner and roll through every barrel. However, at a certain point, they'll also become available to buy, so let's take a look at how this works.

Lies of P: How To Purchase Moonstones, Where To Buy Upgrade Materials

In order to make Moonstones available to purchase at Hotel Krat's reception, you're going to need to obtain the Krat Supply Box. This is a special item that expands the hotel vendor's range of goods to include moonstones and a few other things, such as apples.

To find the Krat Supply Box, you'll need to make your way through the cathedral until you reach the room with a small miniboss who throws slime and charges you. This miniboss is the key to unlocking a door on the side of this room and allowing you to progress through the cathedral, so you'll absolutely run into it as you move through this area.

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Image: Pure Xbox

Top tip for defeating this rather easy foe is to use the open door, bait him down there and then ait for him to turn his back and walk away, then hammer him. You can also climb a ladder at the side of the room to wait for him to lose interest then drop attack him or throw sawblades and anything else that can damage him without fear of reprisals.

Once you've defeated the miniboss, head through the now open door and you'll see a chest at the end of the corridor to you right. This chest contains the Krat Supply Box, which you can now take to the reception at Hotel Krat to expand the inventory and start buying Moonstones to upgrade your weapons.