Halo Campaign: How To Get Spartan Cores And What Are They For

As you blast through Halo Infinite's campaign missions and explore the length and breadth of Zeta Halo, you'll come across lots of glowing green UNSC crates like the one in the picture just below. These are Spartan Cores and you'll use them to upgrade Master Chief's abilities as you progress through the game.


Now, unlike the game's UNSC audio logs, Banished audio logs, Forerunner Artifacts and Propaganda Towers, you'll find that locating all the Spartan Cores on offer here is much more straightforward as liberating Forward Operating Bases in the game will reveal their exact locations on the world map.

Liberating a Forward Operating Base will show up all nearby Spartan Cores - and any other points of interest- so you can then just set a waypoint and head on out to grab any that you fancy. There are a few instances where you'll need to head into a cave or other underground area to find your core, but overall these are simple straightforward finds that you should have zero problems grabbing.

Once you've accrued enough cores you can then jump into your in-game menu and head to upgrades in order to pick and choose which aspects of Master Chief's abilities you want to make more powerful.

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Enjoying Halo Infinite so far? Having any problems with gathering up Spartan Cores or any other aspect of upgrading in the game? Let us know in the comments!