Halo Infinite: How To Change Campaign Difficulty

Halo Infinite is finally here and as players jump into the chaos on Zeta Halo and get involved in some running battles with the Banished, they may find themselves regretting their initial decision when it comes to difficulty settings — leading to them wanting to know how to change Halo Infinite's campaign difficulty.

Maybe you've stuck the game on easy and it's just far too much of a cakewalk, or decided to blast right into legendary and are now full of shame and regret as low-level grunts consistently mow you down.

Well then, perhaps it's time to change up your difficulty settings. The problem is this isn't quite as easy or as straightforward as it could be. Pausing the game whilst playing will bring up an in-game menu that shows you what difficulty you are currently playing on but, alas, it doesn't allow you to change that setting on the fly.

In order to actually change the level you're playing at you're going to need to quit out of the campaign entirely and then select to load your game rather than simply continue from the main menu. From here you'll then be transported to the save file select screen where you want to choose your current play file, at which point you'll find yourself in a menu that offers you the opportunity to change your difficulty, as well as turn on any skulls that you may have found so far.

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