Halo Infinite Campaign: All Master Chief Upgrades

How do you get all available Spartan Core Upgrades in Halo Infinite? In this guide we'll show you how. You may also be interested in the following Halo Infinite guides: How To Beat Halo Infinite's Bosses, All UNSC Audio Log Locations, All Banished Audio Log Locations, All Forerunner Artifact Locations, All High Value Target Locations which is all available, alongside plenty more, in our Halo Infinite Guides hub.

As you traverse Zeta Halo during your time with Halo Infinite you'll come across lots of Master Chief upgrades in the form of Spartan Core upgrades scattered throughout the world. The exact locations of these upgrades are added to your map automatically whenever you conquer a nearby FOB, so we advise you to get busy taking back control of as many of these as you can ASAP.

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Collecting Spartan Cores enables you to upgrade Master Chief's abilities and each ability has four stages of progression. Starting out in the game you'll only have the Grappleshot ability, but playing through the campaign will see you discover your Shield Core, Threat Sensor, Drop Wall and Thruster.

Let's take a look at the stages of progression for each of these.



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Your base level Grappleshot is a dextrous tool that can be used for traversal and pulling items towards you. You can also use it to draw yourself towards vehicles and enemies quickly. As you collect cores you can add the following upgrades to your Grappleshot;

Voltaic - Adds an electrical stun effect to the Grappleshot

Quickshot - Reduces cooldown of ability by a whopping 40%

First Strike - Hold in melee as you grapple towards an opponent to deliver a massive strike

Reachfall - Increases the radius of the blast from First Strike, stuns all enemies caught in the devastation!

Shield Core

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Not quite as exciting as grappling around and punching enemies with your electric fist, the shield is, nevertheless, pretty important for defence and it has four stages of upgrade that see it gain 15% extra power each time. These four stages are;

Fortress- Bastille - Redoubt - Citadel

We focused on upgrading our shields as a matter of priority and have no doubt it helped out with a few of the trickier boss and Target battles later in the game.

Threat Sensor

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This handy device shoots out a sensor projectile that tracks the movement of enemies through terrain and also reveals the outline of foes who are using camo, very useful for a few of the game's boss fights. As you level this one up it becomes much more useful in battles, let's take a look at its progression tree;

Seeker - Increases the radius of the threat sensor by 50%

Operative - Adds a second projectile to the sensor so you can cover a much wider area with more flexibility

Clairvoyant - Cooldown of ability is reduced by 40%

Omniscience - Adds uninterrupted enemy visibility and reveals enemy health

Drop Wall

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You'll no doubt be well aware of the drop wall by now if you've been indulging in Halo Infinite's brilliant multiplayer and in the campaign it can be a useful tool when up against large numbers of foes. Let's look at its progression tree;

Swift Shelter - Cooldown reduced by 20%

Rampart - Strength increased by 35%

Blockade - Strength increased by 70% and wall size increased

Direct Current - Adds shock damage to any projectile you fire through your drop wall, which is awesome


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The thruster enables Master Chief to dodge out of the way of attacks by giving him short bursts of directional movement. Let's look at how you can enhance it with your Spartan Cores;

Afterburner - Adds a second charge to your thruster

Thermal Control - Cooldown reduced by 20%

Impulse - Adds power to your thruster for bigger movements and faster travel

Escape Velocity - Adds a cloaking effect to thruster that gives you stealth camo for four seconds

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