Achievements Not Unlocking In Hades? Here’s What To Do
Image: Supergiant Games

You've just finished your first run of Hades, you're feeling pretty accomplished, but then you realise your achievement for finally making your way through hasn't unlocked. Achievements have been a big problem in Hades since its launch for Xbox Game Pass last week, with many reporting issues of achievements not unlocking.

We also ran into this problem, but after some digging and experimenting, we've found our own workaround which will hopefully provide you with the same benefits.

Why Are Achievements Not Working In Hades For Xbox?

According to multiple affected players online, it appears to be tied to the use of Quick Resume. By utilising the feature in Hades, it disables achievements until a full game reboot has been completed.

However, from our experience, this extends to even going back to the Home screen while you're playing, meaning any sort of interaction outside of the game disables achievements. It's rather annoying.

How Do I Get Achievements To Unlock In Hades For Xbox?

The answer is fairly simple: Don't use Quick Resume for now. We'd also recommend not returning to the Home screen while you're playing, as this caused the issue for us, along with a few Xbox One players.

But what if you've accidentally run into the problem and now your achievements in Hades aren't unlocking?

Here's what to do from our own experience:

  1. Completely quit Hades (use the Menu button and scroll down to 'Quit).
  2. Fully power down your console (go to 'Settings', 'Power mode & start-up' and then 'Full shut-down').
  3. Turn the console back on.
  4. Boot up Hades again.
  5. Achievements that should have unlocked previously should now do so upon loading your save.

Again, this is from our own experience so the solution may not work for everyone. If the issue persists, you will have to complete the achievement requirements again.

Is There A Fix For Hades's Achievements On The Way?

When developer Supergiant Games was asked on Twitter, the issue was acknowledged, and the team confirmed that a fix is on the way. It was also added that previous achievements should unlock after some time, and players have been urged to restart their game if they've encountered the problem.

Thankfully the issue should be resolved soon. As for now, at least there's a workaround!

Now that you know what to do, you can get back to escaping the Underworld at your own leisure. It's a bit of a nuisance you have to be so careful playing the game, but at least a fix is in the works and there are some resolutions for now.

If you haven't played Hades already, be sure to check our review of the game, praising the genre-defining roguelike.

Have you run into achievement issues with Hades for Xbox? Let us know in the comments below.