Capcom's Exoprimal is the next big Xbox Game Pass launch, and its full rollout is right around the corner. This is a service-focused title so it's well worth knowing exactly when things go live on Xbox, and therefore we've decided to break down everything you need to know ahead of this week's launch. Let's go!

Exoprimal Release Date Xbox Game Pass

Exoprimal's release date on Xbox Game Pass is Friday, July 14th.

It's a day one launch on Game Pass, and it'll be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC and the cloud.

Exoprimal Release Times On Xbox & PC Game Pass

Exoprimal releases at 00:00 local time in most regions on July 14th.

This release time is the same in every region except the U.S. West Coast - with a 9pm start on July 13th for PDT players.

Exoprimal Release Date, Launch Times And Preload Details On Xbox Game Pass

Exoprimal Pre-Install Download Size For Xbox Series X

Exoprimal is already up for pre-install on Xbox, and just ahead of the full launch, the game's preload size clocks in at 45.84GB on Xbox Series X. This could change slightly as we near launch, but around 50GB is most likely the amount of SSD space you'll need to get Exoprimal ready and installed for July 14th!

We hope this guide helps you get prepped and ready for Exoprimal's Xbox Game Pass launch!