13 Useful Mechanics Starfield Doesn't Tell You About
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Starfield is a huge game with tons of systems, controls and various bits and bobs to get a handle on. Most of this is well guided and there are plenty of tutorials to dig into if you're stuck. However, some things just don't really get explained very well, so let's take a look at a few of the best hidden mechanics the game skips over.

Starfield: 13 Useful Mechanics The Game Doesn't Tell You About

You Can Freelook Inside And Outside Of Your Spaceship Cockpit

Yep, if you wanna have a good old look around your cockpit as you're sat in it, or behold the glorious sight of your ship as it blasts through space, simply hold in the view changing button, that's the "select" button, to enter freelook mode.

You Can Put Plushies, Toys And Other Treasures In Your Cockpit

13 Useful Mechanics Starfield Doesn't Tell You About 2
Image: Pure Xbox

That's right, you can take any toys and other collectibles, basically anything you fancy, out of storage and place them all over your cockpit so you come across as a bit demented or like one of those hoarders you see on TV. Simply select the item, drop it on the ground then hold in the "A" button so you can now move it around and rotate it in the air. Just place it wherever you want now!

Make The Cutter More Powerful

You can focus your cutter's energy by holding in the LT button.

Land On Planets By Using Your Scanner

Instead of going through menus, bring up your scanner whilst aboard your ship and you'll have the option to land without having to land where you need to. Sweet!

Customise Your Companions

Give your pals new clothing and other items by transferring it over to them then hitting "Y" to equip it.

The Scanner Highlights Lootable Items And Can Be Used To Fast Travel

13 Useful Mechanics Starfield Doesn't Tell You About 3
Image: Pure Xbox

The scanner really is just a super useful thing! Hold LB to bring it up and it'll highlight lootable items by making them glow. You can also open it then hover over a waypoint to a location to bring up the option to fast travel there- just make sure you're not over-encumbered.

Fast Travel To New Planets Without Getting In Your Ship

It took us ages to figure this one out, but you can simply open up the map to your next objective and then choose to travel directly there form wherever you happen to be, unless you're engaged in combat or encumbered. This does take the fun out of exploring slightly, but it also saves a ton of time here and there.

Use Photo Mode To Make Your Own Loading Screens

Now, you don't have full control over this one, you can't choose which shots will show up, or when, but any pics you take in-game will be used as loading screens from time to time, so make sure you snap gud!

You Can Remove Unwanted Traits

Yep, every trait has a specific way to be removed. Check out our full guide to traits for a proper explanation for each one!

Access And Store Items In Ship Cargo From Outside Your Ship

As long as you're within 250m of your craft you don't have to climb aboard to shift inventory around. Simply head into your menu, go to your ship, then hit X to view your cargo and manage your inventory.

Open Emergency Bolted Doors

You'll come across EMERGENCY CUTTABLE WALLS here and there with orange seals on each of their four corners. The text on the doors explains that you'll need a cutter to open them, and guess what? It actually works. You can use a cutter to open the seals and watch the door fall heavily inwards. Further to this, if you don't have a cutter handy, you can just shoot the seals!

Sell Your Survey Data

Go see Vlad aboard The Eye and you can enter into a conversation with him about survey data, after which you can turn a profit by selling yours to him.

Unlock Ship Thrusters For More Manoeuvrability

13 Useful Mechanics Starfield Doesn't Tell You About 6
Image: Pure Xbox

You'll need to spend some skill points here but it's worth doing to unlock the ability to use thrusters for fine adjustments as you fly. Once unlocked you simply hold in RB and move to use thrusters.

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