Topic: Really Crazy Ultimate Game Pass glitch, I hope someone else has this or has seen something like this!

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Okay here is the most craziest thing you probably will see or hear for the rest of the year. I had the Xbox Ultimate Game Pass back last year, but then Covid caused my wife to lose her job so we were struggling pretty hard around October 2020. Well I let my subscription expire because I planned on getting it back. However then I noticed something crazy. I had previously from somewhere and somehow that I could not tell you how or where it came from but when the game Battlefield V was released, somehow it was listed in my games as one that I owned and could download. Now fast forward to recently when the new Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Season 1 came out, I noticed that CoD had a new free online multiplayer game called Warzone, I initiated a download and figured I would give Warzone a try. But I cancelled the download for it and told it to download what I thought was just warzone, it didn't charge me anything, and it doesn't show that I paid anything for it under my account transaction lists. Somehow though, I downloaded and installed and played the whole game of CoD Cold War Season 1. Couldn't tell you one way or another how I got either of those two games, I never paid a dime for them, but was able to download and install them. Now back to the Ultimate Game Pass, like I said I had a subscription but it expired in October of 2020 for non payment, in fact I don't even have that debit card anymore. Now in the past when I had my ultimate game pass and then was unable for one or another reason to pay the bill, once the subscription end date came and went if I tried to play any of the games I had downloaded through the game pass, it would tell me that something went wrong with my game pass, please check my subscription and try the game again. So this time when I decided to play my xbox I figured I would get the same message. I have several games download from the game pass that I leave on my xbox to play at any time I would like. Like "The Hunter-Call of the Wild" or "Payday 2 Crimewave Edition", or "Madden 20", or "CoD Black Ops Cold War Season 1". I figured that attempting to play these games would give me the error it had previously. But I noticed that this time it didn't give me the message it had before, and the game started up and played like it was supposed to. I thought I would get braver and put it to the test even more, I went to the Ultimate Game Pass page and just chose a game at random to see if it would at least attempt to download it, and it downloaded it, and when it finished installing it let me play it just like I had a sub. or I owned the actual game. So then I tested the games I had to see they would allow me to play multiplayer also, and it did with no problems. I'm sorry this is such a long post, but I really want to find someone else who either has had this same glitch happen to them or someone that could possibly explain how I'm able to do this. I even went into my xbox settings and went to the account section and into the subscription area, it shows that I had an xbox live gold account that expired in 2019, and an Xbox Ultimate Game Pass that expired in November 2020. So I am sure that it is showing I have no active subscriptions, somehow I am still going strong though.

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@Mindstrange So what it sounds like is you have access to games that you never purchased as well as subscriptions that you shouldn't have.

Did you at anytime while owning an Xbox One use game share with someone else. Basically have your Xbox information on someone else's Xbox One, a friend, a family member etc. If you did that could explain how you have that stuff. Either that or at some point your account got hacked.

Years ago my son's Xbox 360 account got hacked and the hacker purchased a bunch of games on his account. Long story short I got the account back but, I still had the games.

Those are the only two things I can think of.

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Something similar happened to my first gamer tag when I let Xbox live gold expire back in the 360 days. It let me keep my gold and play online for months on end and like you I didn’t even have the card that was on file active anymore so I know it didn’t unknowingly charge me. Eventually my account got a message asking for payment for multiple months and locked me out of almost everything so I just made a new gamer tag when I was ready to repurchase gold. Not gonna pay for someone else’s mistake. Anyways enjoy the ride while it lasts, I’m sure eventually it will get cut off.

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@Mindstrange I do see on Reddit that a few others talk about the same sort of thing. It appears it sorts itself out with time... but yours is now at least 3 months and still going strong?

i guess enjoy while you still can. I imagine one day it will end.



yes enjoy the freebies while you can. Theyre free so who cares how or why.

go and play the games.

heck I would play them



I find it strange too but u should probably delete this post and take full advantage of a gift from the gods. I know I am. Have been for a couple years now and would like to continue. It’s rare but this does happen.



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