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My name is Carly and I’m trying to get answers for my son on one of his games. He recieved CoD Cold War for Christmas on one of those cards that you load with an authorization code. He got his game all downloaded. There are no other upadates and the game was completely finished dowloading. We can not figure out how to get him online. We have tried everything. All of his other games are connecting to his xbox live with no issues at all. We contacted xbox and they couldn’t help me. They basically told me we would have to make a “ticket” on the Activision website. Well that did no good at all... we even contacted our internet provider to make sure our speed was up to par. Which i figured it would be because he can get online with his other games no problem. Can anybody at all help me with this? It’s so frustrating that he got this $65 dollar game and can’t play it the way he wants to. We can’t even take it back for a refund because those cards are non refundable. Someone please help!!!



Did he install the muliplayer, Zombies and/or Warzone? You have to install each game mode separately. For example I only installed Multi-player since I already finished the campaign and Warzone and Zombies don't interest me.

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