Topic: Forza 4 or 7. Which is the best racing game to play?

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starting next month Im kind of planning on getting either Forza 4 or Forza 7 off of the X Box Live store.

last time i played a racing game was Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 for my Gamecube 16 years ago.

So, just wondering if either Forza 4 or 7 is worth buying?



You ever played grand tourismo or the other Forza titles? It's a very life like simulation that you just includes races around racetracks. Horizon is a really fun game but it's not a realistic sim. It's pretty realistic for a fun game, it ain't no Cruisin USA or Hotshot Racing. I really enjoy Horizon and find myself drifting towards it as my game to just play something. I've played Forza 7 a bit and still have it installed to keep progressing but Horizon is my personal preference.

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Also if you just have gold why not upgraded to gamepass ultimate for $1 to try out both games?


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Forza 7 is the newest obviously, so if you want recency pick that.

Forza 4 is considered by most of the fanbase to be the best game in the series, and I'd have to agree it's very good.

If you want something on Xbox One, I'd recommend Forza 6. My personal favorite, VERY good game.

But between 4 and 7, go 4.

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@urrutiap If by Forza 4 you mean Forza Horizon, then definitely that one. Also specifically because the last racer you played was also more arcade than sim, so you'll feel right at home with Forza Horizon 4.

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