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I finally got my external Hard drive set up for the xbox one.  I built it myself using a Seagate 3TB 7200RPM (Model #ST4000DM000), I had a external 3.5inch Hard drive USB 3.0 enclosure as well.

I don't like most of the external hard drives that are being sold as they don't have a on/off button and the hard drive is always on, usually the external enslosures have on /off buttons and or switches.

Another issue i have with most external units is that they are either 5400 RPM or 5900RPM which are a lot slower.  I was able to move over 100+GB of DATA in less then ten minutes. I also noticed my downloads from the xbox store were so much more quicker.

So if you are on the fence i would day look into a 7200RPM drive instead.

And another thing also look into getting a extended warranty for 3 years if possible as you are able to swap it at the store if anything goes wrong with it.

I didn't go with SSD as it has way higher costs and from what I've read online they don't really ofter better load times.

What is everyone else using???

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I went for the Seagate STBV3000200 3TB drive in black. I've no idea what speed it is, but you're right, it's always on and has no on/off button.

Fortunately, it isn't very loud. I can't notice it at all and it's sat right on top of my Xbox One. I was tempted by an SSD, but I read the same articles as you, I think! They all said that they aren't all that much quicker.

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The Seagate STBV3000200 is either a 5400 or 5900 RPM drive. I know it costs more going with a enclosure, but i needed the 7200RPM speed and its very fast. Ive noticed my download speeds increase as well as i moved the 28.6GB dead rising 3 game in less then 5 minutes to the 3TB drive.

I stayed away from the 4TB as i know there are many issues with all manufactures who release 4TB drives.

I also like the ability to power it off as needed, probably gives it better life too.

I would recommend getting a extended warranty on any hard drive if possible. I got mines in Canada from Canada computers which has a direct replacement over the counter for the drive. thats a lot easier then sending in my drive to manufacture and getting a refurbished drive.

The SSD prices have fallen recently its around $500 CDN for 1TB . SSD drives are great for faster boot times and less heating, but they also have less life spam then regular drives as there is a limit to how many times you can keep writing to them.

I applaud Microsoft for keeping the hard drive non replaceable, I owned a PS4 before selling it for a xbox one. It would cost me $130 can just to purchase a 1.5TB drive which is only a 1TB improvement as i have to remove the original drive, thus gaining only 1TB.  sony has not been listening to there fans, while xbox has.

Example we fans asked for the Light to be turned off, sony's take. lets just dim the light. wow i got around 8 hours of battery life if i was lucky. the controller is also losing power by having the touch pad always active waiting for input and same with the internal speaker.

I've gotten over 35+ hours on my play and charge kit and I'm very impressed, with my AA envelop batteries i get just over 40+ hours and that includes powering the stereo headset as well.

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