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@Senua That's awesome, thanks for sharing that! Hopefully I have good enough internet to stream the games. I haven't really tried Xbox Cloud Gaming on any device so I don't know how it will be like for me.



@LtSarge You went from putting Xbox ahead of everybody, to having those three issues with the show but still thinking it was solid, to then not really caring anymore. All in less than 24 hours. It's just extremely surprising.

I'll admit I was wrong to an extent. As far as Xbox Game Studios titles, yeah, there aren't any off the top of my head that will be cross-gen next year. Still, just because I was wrong doesn't mean you were completely right in the end either. Even if I was wrong about 2022, there still will be a decent enough amount of games that will be cross-gen. You will still be able to play pretty much all of their major titles on Xbox One.

In the end, it was the fact that it was such a jarring change coming from you, like I said in the first paragraph.

I was replying to this as I read and now noticed that I'm on ignore. Damn, a bit extreme that there was no effort to try to "talk it out" or whatever. I'll admit I was wrong and let my emotions get the better of me, but I never thought it was quite to that point yet. I was genuinely thrown off by the sudden change in tune and took a while too long to past that. Damn, oh well I guess since he won't even read this anyways. My bad I guess....

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