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@Balta666 I would like to throw 2 votes in, but not from the current 3 😏

  • Ghostwire: Tokyo
  • The Evil Within 2

Two games that have been sitting in my back log for a while now...


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New month, new game! And as per tradicion of the epoque we have a spooky game (or 3) in Amnesia Collection which as the name implies has more than one game so everyone can choose if they want to go for the whole package or just some of it in particular.

The games can be obviously played on Gamepass, but also on playstation, switch and pc.

Please use spoiler tags when discussing spoilerish moments of the game. You do so by typing your spoiler between spoiler tags like this: [spoiler]insert message here[ /spoiler] and removing the space between [ and /

Some HLTB Stats:

Main Story - 16 Hours
Main + Extras - 13 (???) Hours
Completionist - 19.5 Hours

Tag list, please tag me and let me know if you want to be added or removed. I think I've picked up everyone who joined this month but please just post and tag me @Balta666 to let me know if I've missed you or if you want to join!

Also please let me know if you change your username, I might not notice and you won't get the notification (equally let me know if you have changed your username to get away from the notifications and I will delete you off the tag list 😆)

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Ok so now, votes for next month.

  • Tag me in a post with your vote(s). (Just hit reply on one of my posts or write @Balta666)
  • Write your votes in bold (put the text in between asterisks) and try and keep it separate from any paragraphs.
  • One line will do, "My vote is such and such a game(s)"
  • Feel free to make the post longer but try and keep the actual vote separate from the main body of the text and at the top of the post next to my tag @Balta666
  • Vote for as many games as you like!

The votes reset every month and start from Zero. Feel free to suggest new games and I will add them to the list and count your vote toward it!

American McGee's Alice - 1 (Rdb)
As Dusks Falls - 1 (Tma)
Broken Age - 1 (Blt)
Chicory: A Colourful Tale -
Cocoon - 4 (Blt, Nbn, Tma, Vdg)
Doom 3 -
Dordogne -
Cassete Beasts -
Coffee Talk/Coffee Talk Ep 2 -
Contrast -
Fe -
Genesis Noir -
Ghostwire: Tokyo - 1 (Tma)
Hypnospace Outlaw -
Inside -
Maquette -
Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood -
McPixel 3 -
Planet of Lana -
Quake - 1 (Tma)
Screamride –
Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath -
Solar Ash - 1 (Nbn)
Sunset Overdrive -
The Evil Within 2 -
Tunic -
Unravel - 1 (Blt)
Wo Long: Fallen Destiny - 1 (Olp)

If you have another game you'd like added to the list then let me know and I will add it with a vote from you!

For other tips on formatting texts in the forum's see the link below:

I will link to this post in my signature so you can just click on my signature down below to get back to this post and see the list of games and current votes!

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Maybe ill check out one of the games. I'm still chocked full of stuff to play right now. I'm not even half way through starfield I don't think.



So I just booted up the Amnesia Collection. I looked it up online so I thought I would post it here as a quick reference for people.

Amnesia collection includes 2 games and a DLC.

Amnesia The Dark Descent and it's DLC Justine


Amnesia A Machine for Pigs.

There is also a separate release on game pass which is the third game in the series called Amnesia Rebirth.

See ya!


@Balta666 Appreciated as ever. I'll vote for Ghostwire Tokyo, As Dusk Falls & Quake

Still burried in Starfield right now, so don't know if I will get to Amnesia. I'd like to, not least like @AgentCooper I bought it on PlayStation.

P.S. Metal Hellsinger has also already left Game Pass, sadly.



I played a bit of Amnesia The Dark Descent yesterday.

It's pretty scary, the game does warn you to just play and not worry too much about dying. I played for an hour or 2 and only saw one enemy.

Yet I was still scared up to and after that point.

I had a think about the threat of death in a game and I don't get scared when Mario falls off a ledge but I do get scared in something like this or Resident Evil.

But I don't think I'm scared of the death itself, in something like Resident Evil I'm scared of the lost progress. I'm scared of running out of resources, especially type writer tape, I'm scared of saving myself into a corner without enough ammo or items to get me out of it.

I haven't experienced death in Amnesia yet but the warning text implies that you won't lose much or any progress.

It's still a creepy and atmospheric game. I wonder if the fear comes a bit from the loosely explained sanity mechanic. You can't go in the dark for too long or weird stuff starts happening to the screen. I've never seen that out until its fullest extent so I don't even know what I'm scared of in that regard, perhaps just the unknown.

To eliminate fear in this game, maybe one must die and go insane so you can realise it's just a game and it's not the end of the world. But maybe it's best not to so the game continues with its intended effect.

Technically the game is a bit of a headache. Low frame rate at times, murky graphics, I'm sure both are a product of its time and also an intentional restriction that adds to the atmosphere and foreboding dread. Dialogue audio is noticeably roughly recorded or more likely encoded/processed at a poorer quality. I'm not really sure why this is unless the original release had some arbitrary file size limit imposed on it by XBLA or PSN that was never rectified for this compilation release. Maybe it's intentional, who knows.

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See ya!


@ralphdibny I personally would not fit the stress to the lost progress or been stuck without items as that to some point can happen also in a platformer when you loose all your lives. Horror games put in stress environments with lighting (or lack of it), unsettling sounds and the worry that you will be jump scared at every step (even if rarely or never happens)


@Balta666 yeah I think it's a combination of both for me tbh! I've definitely had non scary games that I've found scary (like dread to take the next step scary) because of restrictive game mechanics. Likewise I've had easy games be scary because of the atmosphere and horror tropes one would normally associate with horror films. Immersion by playing definitely makes those things scarier than they would be in a film!

Balta666 wrote:

Horror games put in stress environments with lighting (or lack of it), unsettling sounds and the worry that you will be jump scared at every step (even if rarely or never happens)

I think Amnesia definitely falls into this category.

I've had a few deaths in it now and while it's a concern in some respects, the things you've described are definitely the things that make it scary rather than the deaths/limited resources/inability to defend yourself.

See ya!


I have checked out a guide for the usual reasons, not to actually be guided but to see what my progress in the game is by cross referencing the contents page. (I know this probably has an effect on the fear factor because knowing where you are in a journey is oftentimes less scary than not knowing!)

The Dark Descent is roughly 8 and a half hours in of itself apparently. The guide splits the game into 4 "Acts" (I'm in the second act) which so far have kind of have been hub areas that kind of off shoot into other explorable areas.

The game doesn't use the terminology of "acts", "chapters" or "parts" or anything. It was sort of obvious when I entered what the guide considered "Act 2" but I did have to reference the contents page to confirm. It was obvious from the kind of crescendo and climax of Act 1 and a kind of different colour scheme in the hub area of Act 2? I'm not sure how it will fare moving forward anyway.

It seems like each Act is roughly a bit over 2 hours each so might be good for people to know so they can pace their playthroughs!

See ya!


Also for reference, IIRC the Justine DLC is about an hour long and Machine for Pigs is 4-5 hours or something

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See ya!


Omg ive just realised you can run by holding LT 🤦‍♂️. Maybe I can get through this game a bit quicker now!

See ya!


Even though I have not participated this initive seems super cool (I will defenitly try to keep an eye on the thread if thats cool).


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