Two Upcoming Xbox Game Pass Titles Get Promising Previews Ahead Of Launch

While we're yet to find out Microsoft's full Xbox Game Pass lineup for June and July of this year, the Game Pass calendar is slowly starting to fill out - and two games in particular are pulling us in already. Those titles are June's Still Wakes The Deep and July's Dungeons Of Hinterberg - and both of these upcoming Game Pass titles have just had some fresh Xbox Wire previews ahead of their upcoming launches.

They're both sounding pretty promising here, so, we thought we'd sum up these new previews down below - giving you a fresh take on what to expect from this pair of impending Game Pass releases.

Without further ado, here's what Xbox Wire had to say about the two titles:

Still Wakes The Deep - June 18

"There’s no getting off this ride; the terror on board is something that you must contend with at some point, and I love that part of the game so far. This mix of tension, dread, and inevitable horror is clicking so well that it’s going to be excruciating having to wait a few more weeks to finish my tour of duty in Still Wakes the Deep when it launches June 18, 2024, for Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, and day one with Game Pass.

We only experienced a taste of what Still Wakes the Deep has in store for us, but it’s clear The Chinese Room appears to be firing on all cylinders here — they’re on the cusp delivering another masterpiece of gaming horror."

Dungeons Of Hinterberg - July 18

"The classic vacation dilemma – do we go out, experience this new place, and find activities to do; or do we just sit down and relax? When I started playing the first 5 hours of Dungeons of Hinterberg, I wasn’t expecting a video game to so perfectly capture a feeling I’ve had on every real-life trip I’ve taken. And yet, through a clever melding of action-puzzling and Persona-like social statistics, that’s exactly what I found myself thinking in this game’s early stages.

Combat is snappy and action-oriented, offering you a variety of moves, unlockable abilities, and a precious dodge roll, and you’ll quickly help Luisa turn from a tourist into a bona fide slayer. Couple that with RPG-inspired gear systems, and a web of mechanics created and expanded in an order that you help choose, and you have a truly compulsive cocktail."

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