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Now I know my TV isnt that great even though a year old but it does SOME things for the Series X if not all of them...........but I'm 'old school' where I prefer actual discs to digital downloads.

I bought 'COD : Cold War' just before xmas on disc, the one where on the cover top left ot sdays 'Xbox One :Xbox Series X' right it says 4k Ultra HD : HDR.

Now I aint expecting wahoo graphics but I was expecting something better than the Xbox One graphics........but I'm hearing only digital versions of the game will provide the upgraded graphics.

I was led to believe originally there would be an update for all disc type games I wrong?



Most (almost all) games on Series X use Smart Delivery. Due to Activision's greed (?), they had foregone the Smart Delivery system in favour of releasing versions of Call of Duty: Cold War for XBOne and Series X.

Important to know this is has stemmed from Activision's practices and is somewhat predatory against those who may not know better.

By the sounds of it, you may have the XBOne version.

In checking the game case; the green plastic section on the front (at the top), where it says XBox One, or XBox should signify what version you have purchased.



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