The Retail Boxes For The New Call of Duty Are Seriously Confusing

Next month marks the launch of the highly-anticipated Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, but there will be two different versions of the game on store shelves for Xbox, and they literally look almost identical.

One of the issues here is that Call of Duty isn't utilising the Xbox Smart Delivery feature for a free next-gen upgrade on Xbox Series X/S, so instead Activision is offering two different versions in physical form - one specifically for Xbox One, and one for the new Xbox Series X, which also includes the Xbox One version.


To make things worse, the Xbox One box actually advertises the Xbox Series X due to the game also being playable via backwards compatibility on the new system, so anyone could easily get these two versions mixed up.

You can always buy the game digitally instead, of course, which makes things a little clearer. But for the casual consumer looking for a copy of the new Call of Duty this Christmas, there's plenty of confusion ahead...

How would you differentiate between the two versions? Give us your suggestions below.