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#1 - My son has a friend wanting to game share my son's profile (which is tied to our family account). He's wanting to log into my son's profile on his Xbox, set it as the home profile, and then log out again. Even though he logs out, if my son's profile is set as his home profile, they can evidently share games? That's what he's saying anyway.

#2 - In addition, his friend evidently logs into a VPN and buys new game codes off of gameflip - which looks like a legit site. However, he does this to buy new games much cheaper than they cost in the U.S. He installs them while on the VPN, and again, can supposedly play them without needing the VPN after that point.

This sounds like an account closure waiting to happen to me, but his friend has been doing this for a few years without issue. My son's account is tied to our family account, of which I'm the primary (I'm also the home profile on our Xbox). And I can't afford to have any account issues with my account (and preferably not his).

Am I just being a paranoid parent? Or is this something Microsoft can legitimately shut down an account for? I can't imagine it's not at least against the TOS... but I'm just trying to find some guidance on exactly how this works so I can parent my son accordingly. Thanks in advance.



@jntdroid As the old saying goes if it's too good to be true then it is.

Account sharing isn't against Tose that I am aware of however you do want to be careful on who you share the account with because anything they do to get it banned will get yours banned as well, and telling Microsoft that it wasn't you won't make them unban the account.

So pretty much no you're not being paranoid because as I said there is a potential that your account can be banned too if do nothing wrong but they other person does, so unless you trust the person 100% you probably don't want to do it.

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@Tasuki Thanks for the response and insight. Still doing some digging on this; especially on the international game cost/codes as well. Appreciate it!


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