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Thanks @ThanosReXXX and @BlueOcean 😁 @MaccaMUFC I spoke with Currys and they confirmed their care & and repair plan covers burn-in. They're also offering an LG SL9YG sound bar for 1/2 price with the C9.



@ThanosReXXX @BlueOcean @Nexozi

Thanks for the info about the C9 and the YouTube videos about it’s features. I’m 100% committed to going with the C9 now, it’s reassuring that it has measures in place to prevent burn-in like the screen dimming when not in use after a minute and I’ll be making sure to turn the brightness right down when watching channels with logos on the top corner of the screen but don’t know if games with static HUDs will be a problem?

Like Nexozi I’ll most likely be getting mine from Curry’s too and will inquire about the extended warranty if it covers burn-in. I’ve got home content insurance too which covers accidental damage.

The wife took some persuading seeing as she wanted at least a 65” and saw a 75” for a grand but had to explain that those TVs are not top of the range and don’t compare to the C9’s picture quality. I’m just having to explain how we need to look after it and not to pause Corrie for hours while on the phone.



@Nexozi @MaccaMUFC You're both welcome. If I'm not mistaken, there's options built-in to the latest version of the C9, to prevent and/or minimize burn-in, and of course, there's some settings you could alter. @BlueOcean could probably tell you more about that.

Here's some more info on the topic:
(on a side note: AV Forums is a good place for audio or video device related questions in general, because there's also a lot of members that are professional testers and technicians on there)

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