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I am new to Xbox – I just bought an Xbox One S. We only have this one Xbox console in our house.

I am struggling to understand how to set up my Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with family sharing.

Basically, I bought a 2-year subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate so that mostly my 11 year old son can play, but also that other family members may want to select games occasionally. (I have set up Xbox Family as well where he is a member and I am the organiser)

My son has his own Microsoft, Xbox and Fortnite login. Currently, he is logged into the Xbox on his account where he plays Fortnite (also his own login).

I am the parent – I logged into the Xbox now and set it as the ‘’home’’ device under my account.

How do I now share the subscription that I bought and registered to my Xbox / Microsoft account with others in my house on the same console? Can this be done?
Or will my son & other kids need to play in my account to access Game Pass (I don’t mind if we use the 1 account for all family members, as long he can then log into his own Fortnite games). My preference would be that everyone uses their own account and I share with them.

Seems very complicated – hoping there is an easy way to do all of this.


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As far as I know you shouldn't need to do anything if your Xbox is set to your "home", it should just work. I've got two, one my son and daughters use, which is set to my "home" and the one I use which I login to when I want to play and we can be playing simultaniously and not have any issues. They all have their own accounts and use them when they play.


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