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Can somebody help me please
I recently bought an Xbox Gold Subscription from CDKEYS – bought 36 months in the hope of converting it into Game Pass Ultimate 1:1
Problem is I signed up a brand new Microsoft account with the VPN on and digital card was added to my newly set up South African account. When I went to convert it to Ultimate it asked me for a credit card or mobile. Which is the problem, my credit card here won’t work, and obviously I don’t have a south African mobile number.
I then changed the location of my account to Europe, thinking my Gold Membership would follow. Which I got a confirmation to say it has. Problem is when I go to upgrade to get Game pass Ultimate it says that my region is not the same. Contact service
Gold is working perfect in new region, just not able to sign up to Ultimate
Is there any work around this, or have I just lost 3 years gamepass?
This was just earlier today…., does it take a few days to change over?
thanks guys - in advance



@smurf2000 never done this method with the VPN to be honest, have you tried just buying a South African code for a month of GPU and using that to convert it? Don't see why you'd need a credit card if you use a code instead. Obvs you'd lose one month because it only stacks up to 36 months. That's if it even lets you go over, you may have to wait a month so you have 35 months gold left and then put on a 1 month GPU code to get the maximum 36 months you can get. Duno about the phone number thing

That's just a guess though, pls don't blame me if it doesn't work as I've literally never done that method with a VPN

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Why would you use a South African card if your not from South Africa??

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