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Half Life Alyx. Played it a bit below minimum system requirements with some stutter and texture pop-in but it was still averaging 60+ FPS which kept me from getting dizzy. Picking up headcrabs has never been so fun.


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Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot (PSVR) - VR Wolfenstein FPS with a focus on mech gameplay.


  • It's a singleplayer FPS set across 4 missions (it'll last you only a few hours, unless you want to play it on the harder difficulty settings), each of which puts you in control of a different piece of tech (except the fourth, which has you jumping between the three to complete it).
  • Each mission is split into 3 segments. The first of which being in a lab/workshop setting where you have to tinker with & reverse engineer that mission's mech (captured from the Nazi's). These are stress free segments which provide a nice break from the action and make good use of the VR play space, albeit are a bit clunky with a Dualshock, as the camera can easily lose track of the light bar when you move the controller to the side to grab an object. It's not a major issue & I learned to adapt, but these segments probably play better with the freedom afforded by the Move controllers.
  • The second part of a mission (at least the first 3) is a brief tutorial on how to control that mission's mech. From here on things play out much more like a standard FPS, and using the Dualshock isn't an issue. Each mech has two weapons (one fired with L2 & R2, respectively), an emergency weapon/action (activated by an in game button just to your left that you have to hit with a forceful "smashing" motion of the controller), and health regeneration (activated by pressing R2 after slotting the controller into a device just to your right, so you can't heal & attack at the same time). You move & control the camera with the analogue sticks, and aim via motion tracking.
  • The third and largest segment is the main mission proper, where you use what you've learned to make your way through it.
  • The final mission mixes things up as it (sort of) abandons the lab, and doesn't feature a tutorial segment, as you hop between all 3 mechs on your way to completion.


  • Being a "cockpit" style game it makes general good use of the VR perspective, especially given the fact that you're controlling machinery of varying sizes, with the Zitadelle being the traditional power fantasy mech that towers over your average soldier, and the Drone being exactly that, where every man is an oppressive obstacle to be approached cautiously.
  • It has a cool retro sci-fi setting, with detailed environments (with many objects being destructible, particularly in the larger machines), where you're treated to helicopters & zeppelins flying overhead, and mechanized enemies explode with arrays of sparks & embers (I particularly like the way enemy Panzerhunds are reduced to molten metal when defeated).
  • Of course such detail does come with a caveat, as although it shows the potential of a VR world with the backing of a larger studio, it's pressing on PSVR's upper limits (at least on a slim PS4), as the environment can get quite blurry with some texture pop in too. It depends on distance & segment (the tutorial segments take place in 80's style computer datascapes and look great, as does anything in your immediate vicinity such as the interior of the cockpit, and even the drone missions hold up well as they take place mostly indoors, but it's pretty noticeable outside. It was never so bad that it got in the way of the gameplay however, and is still mostly a cool experience (even at it's worst it still looks better than anything on Switch's LABO VR, for example). I imagine it's really cool on a Pro.


  • Set in an alternate history where the Nazi's won WWII, you're a "cyberpilot" with the French resistance who pilots captured advanced Nazi war machinery for liberation. It's not too long before you discover the Nazi R&D lab (where they're developing even more advanced ways to kill people), and set out to destroy it.
  • It's not the most original setup, but it gets the job done, and it actually has a pretty cool twist at the end.


  • It may end just when it feels like it's finding it's groove & pushes PSVR to it's graphical limit, but it's a cool & fun experience while it lasts and does some interesting things (and offers a nice array of experiences based on the different mech types).

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Asura's Wrath
Cool game, it seems like an interactive anime! Maybe too many QTE in some levels but the action and the enemies were incredible! I obtained the "normal" ending because the "true" ending seems impossible to reach for me ^__^ " ... Too hard lol
So I watched a "Let's play", to be honest.

Metal Gear Rising
WOAH awesome, incredible game! Fast, furious, lots of swords, cutting both flesh&metal!
I never liked too much the MGS franchise (I've only played the first one on PS1) but I decided to buy this because it's a different genre.

Maybe one of the best action games I've ever played, some parts were incredibile, some fights pure adrenaline!

After the main story, I bought the other two DLCs (explaining the story of two other characters) and they were very well made too but short. Finally, the VR missions are a nice bonus!


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I just finished Final Fantasy Adventure. I recently played this game again since I got it on the Switch with the Mana Collection. It's been quite some time since I played it and I was never able to finish it untill now (save files got corrupted or deleted, lost the game). So here's my thoughts.

Background : This is the first game of the Mana Series. Yes it's called Final Fantasy Adventure but really except for some sprites and common elements between the two series (Chocobos, Moogles) there really isn't anything Final Fantasy at all about this game. It tells the story of a lone warrior who has to stop the villain from destroying the Mana Tree and bringing back an evil empire. Pretty basic story.

My thoughts:. As someone who enjoys the Mana series it was great seeing where it began. Yes this game is a product of it's time, limited inventory space, horrible overworld map and simple game play but that's the charm of it. The music is great and some of the best I have heard on the Gameboy. The story was simple but I enjoyed it. If you have played Secret of Mana then you will notice alot of familiar things, from enemies, to NPCs to Story elements. In fact it was seeing some of these things in this game that made sense of why things were in the Secret of Mana, of noted why it is you find the Rusty Sword at the bottom of a waterfall in Secret of Mana.

There were some things that I did find annoying but most of this could be attributed to when the game was made. Mainly the size of your inventory, how poor the overworld map design is and the lack of directions. There were also these puzzles where you half to freeze enemies on switches most of the time the enemies would either get killed after they were frozen or get stuck somewhere when frozen and then only way is to reset and respawn the enemies, problem is to respawn enemies you have to back 5 rooms to make the respawn which made some dungeons seem longer.

Overall a great game especially if you are a Mana fan or just curious as to see where it all started. I highly recommend playing it especially as a pellet cleanser from modern games.

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