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Simple enough thread, talk about what game you beat last

For me it'd be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan. Was not a fan :-X

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Technically the last game I beat was Ducktales on the NES and that was last weekend. I played it in honor of Alan Young who passed on last week. And just in case you are wondering, I have beaten it many times before especially when I was a kid. It's one of my favorite games of all time.

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@tylertreese: TMNT! That game sounds familiar. (o_O )

The last game I beat was Halo 4. just last Thursday. I've beat it before but I wanted the story fresh in my mind because I finally am going to play through Halo 5. I can't believe it, but I did it! I managed to last this long without any spoilers!

Some things I'm hoping to see:
The Arbiter being awesome.
a diverse group of spartans that know and trust each other, with some friendly banter thrown in the mix
Cortana and Master Chief falling in love.
I'm pretty sure they've got some chemistry that goes a little more than friendship there... and Forerunner tech can digitize life, so why not reverse it and give life to digital personas? And also, I don't think Cortana is gone. It's not Halo without Master Chief or Cortana.

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On PS4: Uncharted 4

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@Gamer83: How was Uncharted? I have a friend who says she loved the game completely, and that it's her second favorite in the series, and then another friend who didn't like the ending and has already sold his copy.

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Loved it. The gameplay is easily the best it's ever been in the series and it finally has a stealth system that's actually good. Loved the story, especially the ending, which I think wraps things up very nicely. It's a great closing chapter in an awesome series. In most ways it's easily the best game in the series but I put it a little bit behind Uncharted 2 just because 2 had a better set piece moments. There were some great set pieces in 4 as well but they weren't as many and the game did have a more The Last of Us feel in that there weren't as many shootouts. I actually loved the shootouts in 2 and that game felt like it was a little better paced. But just taken on its own, Uncharted 4 is awesome. If you've played and enjoyed the other ones, 4 is a must play.



@Gamer83: wow. I should give it a try. I've played the first one and watched a friend play the 3rd. They've always been fun games, and I love how well written Nathan, Elena, and Sully are. I was a little worried because my friend (the one who traded it in) was pretty harsh with the ending of the game, but now that I think about it, he's always been that hard about everything. Maybe he just hates fun, and happiness, and cute puppies.

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The last game I finished was Dark Souls 3 about a week ago. Really enjoyed it and will be starting NG when I beat the nameless king.


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Are we classifying finished as "beat the story" or Finished as "100% completion"? In either case, the answer is the same, Costume Quest 2. Good game and a fun 1000G.

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Been a few weeks ago, but Shantae & the Pirate's Curse on the 3DS.

A "Metroidvania" game, and It while it doesn't reinvent the genre, it's very solidly crafted & fun.

It's greatest strength is the art direction, with impeccable spritework, a vibrantly colorful world & cast, and an attention to detail that even makes the standard desert & snow areas a joy to behold (Mud Bog Island in particular had very great art direction). Really made good use of the 3D as well (first game in years that had me turn it on, and keep it on all the way through).

The cast was all quite likeable as well, with some humor weaved into the story.

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Last game I beat was Uncharted 4...

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DOOM on XO for me.

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Uncharted 4

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Beat story/campaign - CoD Advanced Warfare
100% complete - Pneuma: Breath of Life (oh dear!)

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Newly beaten: Uncharted 3. Fantastic game...just waiting for 4 to drop in price before I pick that up!

Otherwise my most recently beaten is Sonic 3, which I've finished dozens of times before...



I recently completed Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD (Switch), an HD remaster of a Wii era title.
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  • A marble maze/obstacle style platformer, most levels see you tilting the stage around with the right analogue stick in order to guide a monkey (within a ball) to the end goal, avoiding obstacles & collecting bananas while trying not to fall off, all under a strict time limit. While simply getting through a level is one thing (and even this can become a challenge starting in the second half), real masochists can try to beat their high scores by shaving seconds off their best times & trying to collect all the bananas in a level (bundles of them are often just off the beaten path on perilous detours), the latter of which I wouldn't even dream of doing outside of the first few worlds.
    An example of the kind of level you'll have to tightrope your way through in the post game.
  • There are two other types of levels, bonus levels (of which one exists in all 10 worlds, about halfway through), and boss levels (one of which caps off each of the 8 main game worlds). Bonus levels aren't all that much different from regular types, and see you trying to collect all bananas within them before time runs out or you fall off (there's no end goal other than collecting all the bananas, and you move on to the next level no matter whether or not you succeed).
  • Next up are the boss levels which see you fighting bosses most often in arena style showdowns. Your goal in these is to avoid their attacks as to not be knocked off the platform (make sure you don't fall off on your own as well!), until you get the chance to hit their telegraphed weak point. These can be really tough for a variety of reasons, such as the fact that they often eschew the "3 hit rule" most other 3D platformer bosses live or die by (instead usually taking 4-6 hits to beat, usually changing their tactics either halfway through or after each hit they take), combined with the fact one good hit is all it can take to knock you out (and make you start over), and the fact that the game isn't really designed around such fights at all. You don't have any control over the camera, and while this isn't much of an issue in the rest of the game where you're mostly moving forward all the time (the camera is set to turn towards whatever direction you're moving), it can be an issue with these arena style fights (though a couple regular levels in the first world have a similar setup, seemingly as a bit of a tutorial to help you get to grips with them). One exception is the 4th world boss, which takes on the form of the level itself (you just need to survive a gauntlet and reach it's weak point on it's head) and gameplay wise fits the rest of the game much better. Needless to say, these are very hit & miss in terms of their difficulty.
    A couple of cutscene images of the thematically appropriate 4th world boss (while they appear mostly barren here, there are obstacles on each of it's segments you must clear/avoid during gameplay itself to reach it's head).
  • Outside of the main game there are 10 minigames to try out. The only ones I tried out are "Monkey Target", which sees you trying to glide as far as you can and land in the middle of a bull's eye, and one that was a scrolling shmup. They are decent enough, and although you may get more out of them if you have others to play with, you won't last more than 2 or 3 rounds by yourself.
  • There are six different monkeys to play as (they each have different stats for speed, weight, etc.), as well as Sonic the Hedgehog, who is new for this release and is unlocked after clearing the 8 main worlds (bananas are replaced with rings when playing as him), though he can't be used in the minigames.
  • The biggest change compared to the Wii release (other than the addition of Sonic & the HD resolution), is the fact that it now controls with an analogue stick rather than motion controls (I haven't played the original, but from what I've heard this makes this the better playing version, although much easier than other entries because levels were designed with the looser motion controls in mind, though I personally still found it to be one of the toughest platformers I've played on Switch, and gave up about halfway through the second post game world). Other than that the two post game worlds now simply unlock consecutively after clearing the world before them (in the Wii version they were unlocked after the seemingly impossible task of clearing all the main worlds without using a continue), and it lacks 40 extra minigames the Wii version had (probably were designed around Wii waggle and couldn't be translated well or meaningfully without them).


  • It has many different world themes, from jungles, ghost ships, outer space, and more, and it's mix of a bright & colorful pallet, and catchy arcade style tunes, means that you can't get too upset with it, even if your on your 40th or 50th attempt to clear a level.
    Various shots of levels, I even included a Sonic shot.
  • The theme song (I think BANANA~NA Love) is upbeat & irresistibly catchy (more than once I lingered on the title screen to give it a listen).
  • Being a remaster of a Wii game, it's not a surprise to say I noticed no performance issues whatsoever. It's a great port.


  • These sorts of games usually don't have much story, and that's the same here. It starts out with a pirate gorilla stealing a bundle of golden bananas, and while you take one back with each boss you defeat (with the aforementioned ape being the final one), there isn't any sort of theming tying them together, with few of them being monkeys/apes (half, if a yeti counts), and even less being pirates. It's really not an issue, though, though strong theming always makes these things better.


  • This was a pretty fun, albeit tough experience. It may be easier compared to the rest of the series (as many claim, though I can't confirm), but taken on it's own it can still be a stiff challenge, and one of the toughest I've had on Switch. And even though it has it's rough edges (such as the bosses), a bucketload of charm keeps it from feeling too irritating.
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