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Kinda odd that there wasn't a thread like this before. Anyway just a quick question but why is it when you go to the main Forum Page does at the top it say Xbox One Forums? Maybe just Xbox Forums or Pure Xbox Forums.

I just thought that was kind of odd.

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whats also odd is dark mode is missing too



@antdickens hi ant, is there any chance a content filter could be implemented on the sites? Say on NintendoLife, if I wanted to see every article on the front page except those about Tears of the Kingdom, I could hide all related articles so I don't even see the headlines? Would this be hard to do?

Just wondering because NL have done quite a few headlines that seem a little spoiler-y in my opinion, with regards to both TotK and also the Mario movie. I read the justifications for the headlines when people have questioned them in the comments and I respect the replies from staff but I still don't think I want to see them. Particularly for TotK until I actually play it because the joy of discovery was the best thing about BotW.

But of course, I still want to keep up to date on all the Nintendo news! Except for anything TotK related as that's something I want to discover for myself. I feel like my only option is to avoid NL at the moment, at least until I buy, play and finish TotK which will probably be many months away at this rate.

No worries if not, just thought I'd ask. I'd rather have NL without TotK content rather than no NL at all. But at the moment my only option is the latter!

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@ralphdibny I can certainly understand where you are coming from. I imagine this happens for certain users with certain games where they want to go into it 'blind', but I imagine it's also quite rare (1 game every few years?)

I'll have to have a think about how practical a 'ignore' feature would be for a game. From an implementation point of view we have quite a few areas where content is cached therefore can't really be tailored by user.

All that said, I'll certainly consider it for future updates to the sites and see what can be done. You're not the first to ask for it.

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@antdickens ah brilliant, thanks for considering it and for replying. And for being nice about it too πŸ˜…, some games/films I do want to go in blind for so I'm hyper sensitive to even minor details as spoilers. But you are right, it's is very very rare and TotK is just one of those rare games.

It wasn't too bad for the mario movie because I saw it as soon as it came out but I would have been a bit miffed by some of the NL headlines had I waited. It's easy to spend a tenner and 90 minutes of your life to see a movie before spoilers come out though. Not so much for a Β£50 game and 100+ hours.

But as I say, I do respect the justification for the headlines and the choice to use them. I just have a different opinion so I will respectfully bow out of engaging with the content until I eventually get around to playing TotK.

Cheers anyway, I've removed NL from my quick links for now so I'm not even tempted to click.

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@ralphdibny The good thing is that there aren't any other games they're talking about 😜.



@antdickens is there any reason why linked website articles on the front pages will open a new tab? Like if you click on a Time Extension article from the front page of Push Square.

Fair play if you have a reason for it but I've just realised it's probably why I've been having to close 30+ tabs every month or so that I didn't realise were opened πŸ˜…

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@antdickens fair play, thought it might be something like that. Although for me at least, it feels a bit redundant if I'm going from one Hookshot site to another.

Maybe my phone is just too quick at opening new tabs and I don't notice it happening until I see I have 30 open πŸ˜‚

Maybe I'm on my own in this but I just scroll through the 4 sites one after the other. I mean the articles and communities have their own feel and technically they are external websites to eachother but the unified and well designed UI makes the four (TE to a lesser extent because it has a different layout) feel like one website with 4 different niches. I like that though, everything feels familiar and easy to navigate πŸ‘

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