This one feels like it's been 'on the way' to Xbox forever, doesn't it? Ever since we saw the Xbox Series X|S logo plastered on Bethesda's beautiful Ghostwire: Tokyo office artwork we've been eagerly anticipating the game's arrival on Xbox Game Pass. Well, more than a year after Ghostwire: Tokyo's PS5 launch, Tango Gameworks' spooky adventure is almost here for us Xbox players.

And you know what - we're rather excited for its upcoming Game Pass release. Sure, the team's open world spookfest didn't set the PlayStation world on fire back in March 2022 (at least critically, although user scores seem very positive), but Xbox is crying out for more Japanese titles either way, especially ones that can appeal to a Western audience like Ghostwire: Tokyo can.

Something about Ghostwire's combination of Western gameplay sensibilities with a very authentically Japanese open world Tokyo setting just feels right for an Xbox title coming from Japan. Microsoft has worked on growing its reach over there for years now, and although the fantastic Hi-Fi RUSH arrived in January from the same Japanese developer, you'd easily be mistaken for thinking that it came from a Western team. Ghostwire: Tokyo certainly doesn't have that vibe at all.

We're also excited to see a more 'AAA' offering from the team - an offering that will really showcase Xbox Series X and S hardware. Last year this title was part of Bethesda's move towards next-gen-only development (along with Arkane's Deathloop), and we have no doubts it'll sing on both of Microsoft's current-gen consoles. The PS5 version also contained a huge list of different performance options to mess about with, which we'll happily do again on Xbox Series X.

Finally, to us at least, the game just looks fun, doesn't it? We've heard of the comparisons to a 'Ubisoft-style' open world with Ghostwire but we're just not that bothered about such comparisons, to be honest. As long as that open world is a compelling one to explore we're fully on board for simply roaming around night time Tokyo expelling demons and causing all sorts of chaos. This isn't the kind of mashup you see very often so... bring it on!

Speaking of which - we don't have long to wait at all now. Ghostwire: Tokyo launches on Xbox Series X|S, including Xbox Game Pass, on April 12th. If you want to get the title installed and ready to go for minute one of its Xbox launch, check out our handy guide on all things Ghostwire down below.

Are you excited to finally play Ghostwire: Tokyo on Xbox Game Pass? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!