Talking Point: What's Your Favourite Horror Movie Adaptation On Xbox?
Image: Blair Witch

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre marks one of August 2023's biggest Xbox Game Pass drops, and its imminent arrival has us thinking back to all of the horror movie adaptations that have graced Xbox over the years.

While the ever-present Dead By Daylight incorporates tons of classic horror icons into one multiplayer-only affair, we've had plenty of other standalone adaptations over the years. In the multiplayer realm we enjoyed Friday the 13th especially when the proper dedicated servers were still up - the dev certainly nailed the vibe of the movies with that title!

Of course, we do like our single-player options and while non-licensed horror has largely took over this space in recent years, we have had a couple of really solid adaptations on Xbox. We reckon 2019's Blair Witch is pound-for-pound Bloober Team's best game, and who can forget the classic Xbox 360 Saw title? We'd have loved that one to hit the backwards compatibility program at some point!

Talking Point: What's Your Favourite Horror Movie Adaptation On Xbox? 2
Image: Would You Like 'Saw' To Return To Xbox In Some Fashion?

Alien: Isolation is a brilliant shout too; that one really stands out compared to the shedload of action-oriented Aliens games we've seen over the years. But, are there any standout horror movie-to-game adaptations that you particularly enjoyed on Xbox? Any that you'd love to see return in remaster form or even potentially spawn a sequel?

Tell us your favourite movie-to-game spooky times in the comments section below!