The Medium Developer Turned Down 'Saw' To Work On Blair Witch

So, Bloober Team has become a bit of a household horror name over the last few years. Layers of Fear put the developer on the map, followed by the solid sequel Layers of Fear 2, The Medium, and others - not to mention current rumours going around that they're working on Silent Hill. However, a new interview reveals that the team almost worked on a new Saw game.

This comes by way of IGN, who sat down with Bloober Team at a recent Polish games conference. They spoke about how the team's Blair Witch game came to be, with the realisation that it almost didn't.

"Lionsgate came to us and said, 'Guys, we love Layers of Fear. We saw what you are doing with Observer, so we would like to work with you. We know that you would like to do your own games, so please, this is our list of our horror IPs; choose one.' We could [have picked] Saw, which is more popular than Blair Witch, but we decided to take Blair Witch because the universe has many opportunities to build something new. That was the reason why we chose this project."

Bloober Team also talked about how they've had to turn down quite a few other opportunities to work on horror IP in recent years, which adds even more credence to those Silent Hill rumours.

"Right now, to be honest, we consistently have requests from movie studios, or from other licensors, to work with them, because Bloober Team in some way is recognizable. Unfortunately, for almost one year, we have [had to say] 'pass' to almost everything, because we don't have capacity to do any more titles at one time."

Either way, we'd have liked to see the developer tackle Saw, as we're quite fond of the Xbox 360 game to be honest. Maybe once their 'other projects' are wrapped up, we might see another Saw title come to fruition.

What do you make of this? Would you like to see another Saw game? Let us know down below!